iOS 17 Apple Podcast App

I have been testing out the new iOS 17 Podcasts app, and for the most part it gets me 90% of what I want in a Podcast app.

Biggest drawbacks:

  • Missing trim silence/smart speed feature. I did not realize how many of my podcasts I regularly listen to had so much dead air.
  • Additional incremental / custom per podcast speed settings People speak at different speeds, and it is really helpful to have custom settings per podcast
  • Quick access to show notes The iOS 17 Podcast app has the show notes available, but they require multiple taps to access, which is an added frustration.

Favorite features:

  • Cross device application support (macOS, Apple TV, iOS, iPadOS, watchOS)
  • Design aesthetic.

For now I am still bouncing between Overcast and the Apple Podcasts app, but I am happy to see Apple catching up in this space.

Chris Hunsanger @hunsanger